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Weekly Top 25 Surfers

Information for Surfing between 14 January and 20 January.

ID - Handle # /Sites Surfed Credits Earned Bonus given
520 - ivogerva 33831 22285.958 1114.3
301 - Dan 16764 10774.810 538.7
248 - aWolf 15152 16231.201 811.6
3 - Eagle 12587 6777.353 338.9
357 - eduardo 9857 6455.135 322.8
315 - Henry 1852 1983.909 99.2
340 - greenskyno1 1441 926.181 46.3
527 - Incredible-Earnings.com 1361 947.904 47.4
521 - madcashcentral 417 268.020 13.4
283 - dalelorenzo 66 42.421 2.1

Total surfing of top 25 members this week : 93328

Total surfing of all members this week : 93328

Member bonus: If you are on this list, the system adds 5.00% to surf-earned credits with each statistical newsletter.
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